Sonic Chronicles - Name the Enemy Race
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
SEGA Europe yesterday revealed that they are to allow fans the chance to help name one of the all new enemy races in the highly anticipated Sonic the Hedgehog RPG adventure, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood™.

Developed by industry admired story-telling specialists, BioWare, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will appear on the Nintendo DS™ system during Autumn 2008.

Between March 3rd and March 14th fans will be able to visit the Sonic City website ( to cast their vote in naming the new race.

After the votes have been counted the winner will be announced on March 15th and then appear in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood when the game launches in Autumn 2008.

View screenshots here:

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Ashura the Hedgehog demo game PSP
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
A new game has been released for the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable). It's a game called Ashura the Hedgehog. I guess this is a character who was a glitch character that appeared back in the second game from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

You can download it directly from the developer, waywardson, here:
Demo Release Ashura the Hedgehog

It says he released it as a demo version just to get some feedback. You can play two levels for now. And it does not work on the slim, it appears.

Just reading on the forum and the developer said:

iv decided to add in the original ashura glitch from sonic 2 as an unlockable character

if you just leave ashura on the screen during any level without pushing any buttons for about 6 seconds he will do a little something

Talking about the final release:
it shouldnt be long now...iv added a lot of stuff and also the ablility to go backwards and freely navigate the levels now

Will update when the final version is released...

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Play Sonic the Hedgehog with Zeemote
Playing games on your cell phone is nothing new! However, now you can play certain games on your mobile phone with a mini controller called the Zeemote. A Zeemote is a wireless controller that you control with your thumb.

The Zeemote is currently compatible with Heli Strike, Pub Darts 180, Sonic the Hedgehog, PyroSonix, and a few other games.

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Sonic in Break the Targets: SSBB video
Saturday, February 02, 2008
Super Smash Bros. Brawl video of Sonic in Break the Targets...

SSBB gameplay footage: This guy shows you how to complete Break the Targets using sonic the hedgehog. Too easy...takes seconds to complete.

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