SEGA ON Mag Talks Sonic Unleashed
Monday, March 24, 2008
The German Sega Mag, SEGA ON (, apologizes for the leaked Sonic Unleashed info...

First, we apologize for our fault to post those fake news about the Sonic plot and the confirmation that it would be 2D, gameplay-wise. However, we go on with our own new facts: SEGA is launching SONIC UNLEASHED with a HUGE production budget and it seems not only SONIC TEAM is involved but a very huge part of SEGA’s developer teams including those from Japan, the US and, apparently for the first time, even Europe. There seems to be one clear mission: Rebuild the Sonic brand and prove it could work in 3D environments.

More from SEGA ON...
The following is fact:

1. All assets leaked over the weekend belong to one game: Sonic Unleashed.
2. All assets could be found on SEGA’s FTP, but everything’s got deleted as of now.
3. SEGA plans to show Unleashed at some Gamer’s Day event in May.
4. Unleashed is currently scheduled for a worldwide release in November, right for Christmas.
5. The original screens are very high-res and show no indication of “Photoshopping”.
6. As you can see, Unleash will take place in 3D environments.

This is speculation:
1. There is no info about the plot and the actual gameplay. A press info that appeared on the net came to life in some Sonic Fanboy’s mind.
2. The platforms for Unleashed are currently unknown, but it is expected to launch on all three platforms.
3. A possible confirmation by SEGA towards SEGA ON is also pure speculation.

Gee, what fanboy are they referring to?



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Sonic Chronicles New Screenshots
Here are some new screenshots of the upcoming RPG game for the Nintendo DS called Sonic Chronicles: the dark brotherhood.

These screens are from the so-called "Blue Ridge Zone", an ice landscape:

sonic chronicles

Images credit:

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More Sonic Unleashed Screenshots
Sunday, March 23, 2008
Here are more Sonic Unleashed screenshots coming from


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Sonic Unleashed Screenshot and Trailer
Rumors have surfaced that a new 2.5D sonic game is on the way. For now, people are calling it Sonic Unleashed....remember when Sonic and the Secret Rings was Sonic Wildfire? Yeah!

Screenshots have been leaked via SEGA FTP, supposedly. And a youtube video of the trailer has also been leaked.

Check out the video...


sonic unleashed
sonic unleashed screenshots

sonic unleashed screens


sonic unleashed werewolf
Does sonic have a dark werewolf side to him?

Dennis, from a German gamng magazine, has confirmed that Sonic Unleashed will indeed be a multiplatform release:

"Sonic unleashed will be on the cover of the next PLAY magazine, it will also feature in Nintendo's magazine (NOM) and will be in the August issue. The screens I have uploaded are from the Xbox 360 version of the game, however, the game is going to be a multiformat release."

This confirms both a 360 and a Wii version, at least.

"Sonic the Hedgehog returns for a full-blown, action-packed adventure through the desolate and unpredictable World of Mubuz, a world dictated by an evil Dragon Lord, Immarius.
Upon entering Muboz, Sonic fights an evil power which turns all the inhabitance into dangerous beasts.

1. Become Wolf Sonic and fight enemies like never before using rapid combo manouvers and Ring Energy
2. Play as Sonic, Knuckles or Tails through 12 packed stages
3. Extensive gameplay brings 2D Sonic gameplay back to home consoles"

"SEGA Confirms a release in 2008, 2D-Gameplay and, so far, 3 playable characters-only
Our surces indicate a presentation during SEGA Gamer’s Day in May at “E3 Time” and reveal a worldwide Launch in November 2008. We have tons of more info on SEGA Gamer’s Day, a possible OutRun 3 and … the Release of Yakuza 2 and 3 in the West. Stay tuned, guys! "

Well, looks like we will have to wait until E3 for more info...unless someone discovers more leaks...

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Sonic Chronicles New Enemy Race Named
Saturday, March 22, 2008
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood new enemy race has been named. SEGA Nerds submission won the contest.

The Zoah was the winning name.

LONDON (18th March, 2008) - SEGA Europe Ltd. today confirmed that the recent competition, A Race To Name, where Sonic The Hedgehog fans could vote upon names for a new race selected by key Sonic fansites, and European gaming websites, finally has a winner. After thousands of votes were cast, it became clear that it was going to be a closely fought race between The Zoah, The Gravitus and The Dusk. Fans were hastily casting votes right up until the last minute but in the end only a handful of votes separated the contenders, and like all competitions it could only have one winner with The Zoah prevailing as the fan-favourite.

Congratulations to who originally suggested The Zoah which will now be included in the forthcoming, hotly tipped, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark BrotherhoodTM for the Nintendo DSTM system. The Zoah will be featured as a new enemy race for Sonic The Hedgehog to pit his wits against in 2008.

Developed by industry admired story-telling specialists, BioWare, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is an RPG adventure set to take the DS by storm this Autumn.

For more information about SEGA please visit For all assets please visit

For more information about BioWare please visit

SEGA considered the following names that were submitted:

The Zoah
The Gravitus
The Dusk
The Bluchaos
The Crushers
The Darknood
The Guardian
The Icebo
The Psykore

Source: GamingBits

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Sonic Chronicles Bioware Newsletter
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Signup for the Bioware newsletter on Sonic Chronicles RPG game.

Get the latest Sonic Chronicles news and game announcements. Receive updates directly from the people making the game: BioWare. And be notified as soon as the cool new Sonic Chronicles website launches.

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Sonic and Knuckles Wii Virtual Console
Retro Sonic!

The ESRB of America says the classic Sega game Sonic and Knuckles, the direct sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog 3, has been given an 'everyone' rating for release on Wii's Virtual Console. It is not known when the game will hit Virtual Console, but the rating means it could appear sooner than later.

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Sonic in Super Smash Bros Brawl
Sunday, March 09, 2008
As you already know(if you don't then there's something wrong) Super Smash Bros. Brawl is now available for purchase in the US! Have you picked up your copy yet? If you have not done so, now is the time to pick up one of the best games ever created! And what's better than our favorite character, Sonic the Hedgehog being a playable character?? You get to unlock Sonic and fight to the finish against long time rival, Super Mario! Sonic uses his signature speed and his moves are mainly variations on his signature spin-dash.

More on Smash Bros Brawl...

Super Smash Bros Brawl ups the ante with several exciting new modes and wireless features. By logging onto Wi-Fi Connection, players can now enjoy online battles with friends from all over. Online battles aren’t the only wireless boost in this latest Super Smash Bros. installment. With Wi-Fi Connection, players also have the ability to share photos, swap replays, team up for challenging mini-games and even create their own stages to share with friends or submit to Nintendo. Every day, Nintendo will offer one of these fan-created stages for players everywhere to try out.

More features include extensive new single-player mode which is perfect for solo brawlers who want to hone their skills. An adventure mode called “The Subspace Emissary” lets players jump and brawl their way through enemy-packed side-scrolling levels, meeting up with other characters, watching incredible cinematics and taking on massive bosses - solo or in a cooperative two-player mode. And, of course, there’s the series legendary action-packed battles that pit up to four players against one another in a brawl to see who’s the last one standing.

Another big addition is the "Final Smash," a powerful, character-specific coup de grace which is achieved by destroying a special item called the Smash Ball. This simple item changes the entire dynamic of the game because whenever it appears the focus of the match shifts from beating on other players to getting the ball. This is an interesting twist and certainly shakes up the typical formula of "ring-out or knock-out."

Things not so much liked: Friend codes, online lag time

If you have not bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl yet, go do it now!! This game will keep you entertained for hours and hours and hours! And pick it up at Gamestop so you can take part in the HUGE tournament!

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Sonic Smash Brothers Online Game
Saturday, March 01, 2008
Sonic Smash Brothers is an online flash game similar to super smash flash...except this game has only sonic the hedgehog characters.

sonic smash bros

You start with three characters...Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. You must first complete an adventure, then do break the targets, and finally you battle to complete Adventure mode with each character.

As you complete adventure mode with each of those characters, you unlock other characters... Amy, Rouge, Shadow and Cream. You can also unlock more characters through various challenges as you advance through the game. This game is a must play for all Sonic fans and Super Smash Bros. Brawl fans!

Play the Game: Sonic Smash Brothers

Play more Sonic Games online!

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