Who Is Sonic?
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Sonic the Hedgehog is the mascot character of the video game company SEGA. He was created by a man named Yuji Naka. He is an icon in the world of gaming and he is what put SEGA ahead of the competition just like Mario Bros did for Nintendo. Infact, I believe Sonic was created to rival Mario.

Sonic is a blue, cat looking, hedgehog character with spikes on the back of his head. He has the ability to run at the speed of sound. You can see that this ability is used by Sonic in both games and animated series. He must use this ability to save the world from his arch enemy Doctor Robotnik(Eggman).

Not only can he run super fast, but he has the ability to roll into a tight ball for protection. He also does what is called the Spin Attack, where he rolls into a tight ball as he jumps and spins around. If an enemy comes into contact with him, they are in serious trouble of being defeated.

Sonic's friends are also great characters. You have Tails(Miles Prower), his best friend. This character is a young fox with not one, but two tails. His tails enable him to fly like a helicopter away from danger. There is also Knuckles the red echidna with red dreadlocks. Sonic likes to refer to him as "knucklehead". You have Amy, the pink hedgehog that thinks she is Sonic's girlfriend. And there is Cream the Rabibit. She is a peached colored rabbbit that flies by flapping her ears.

You can catch sonic in a number of video games, online flash games, comic books, tv series and more. He is the Ultimate Gaming Mascot!!

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