Sonic the Hedgehog Giveaway...Loads of Prizes
Monday, November 06, 2006
PALGN and SEGA are teaming up and celebrating the return of Sonic with a huge contest and they will be giving away a bundle of prizes.

Here's what PALGN site says...

"All we want you to do, is use a photo that we've taken from our morning with Sonic and then caption it. The funniest caption (as deemed by our talented judge) will win a massive prize pack, containing:

Sonic T-Shirt

Sonic Figurine

Sega Travel Bag

Massive Sega Beach Towel

Sonic Mega Collection (PlayStation 2).

Volumes 1-12 of Sonic X on DVD

We'll also be awarding five copies of Sonic Mega Collection on the PlayStation 2 to our five runner ups. Sonic Mega Collection contains a bundle of old Sonic titles, including Sonic 1,2 and Sonic and Knuckles, there are also quite a few hidden unlockables in the game."

Click Here To Enter The Contest!!

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