Sonic Unleashed: New Moves
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
ONM talked with Sonic's lead game designer, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, about Sonic's new moves and more in a recent interview.

On Sonic's new moves...
Three of the new moves include Sonic Boost (by collecting rings, Ring Energy will fill up, which you can use to dash through the course at high speed), Sonic Drift (players will be able to take a short turn at any sharp curves while running through the course) and Quick Step (when running in high speed with an obstacle ahead, players will be able to move left or right rapidly). We'll also have other new actions in the game that will be revealed later.

On why Sonic transforms...
Trapped by Dr. Eggman's evil plan, the powers of the seven chaos emeralds is misused and something changes in Sonic's body. As for what he will be able to do with these new abilities, you will have to look forward to hearing more soon!

Sonic Unleashed will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series. It has no relation to Sonic The Hedgehog (the 360/PS3 game) or Sonic And The Secret Rings.


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