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Saturday, June 03, 2006
Have you noticed that Sonic toys are not really available in many stores? Well, not where we live anyways. It is soooo hard to find any place that sells or carries Sonic toys. Did you even know that there are Sonic toys available? I had no idea until searching the web. We found sonic action figures, sonic plush, money banks, key chains and more.

Sonic Action Figures:


Sonic Plush:


Sonic Keychains


Sonic Money Bank

Besides sonic toys, there are even more great sonic items out there. We have also seen sonic mini posters, socks, towels, sneakers, t-shirts, pajamas, baseball caps and much more. These items might not be available in many stores, but you can sure find them online. A great place to begin your search is Ebay has sooo many great sonic products available. Check out ebay today...



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