Happy Birthday Sonic
Friday, June 23, 2006
Sonic the Hedgehog turns 15 this year and part of the celebration includes the blue mascot's exclusive PSP debut in Sonic Rivals. It features 2.5D gameplay, as players scramble to reach the end of a level before the other players do (whether they are computer-controlled or live opponents). Presumably, it otherwise plays very much like the older titles in the series.

SEGA has also announced the release of three original Sonic adventures to keep us hard core sonic fans entertained. A special edition of Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis for the Gameboy Advance, a new Sonic Adventure for Wii and Sonic The Hedgehog on PS3, Xbox 360(also called Sonic Next-Gen or Sonic 360) and PC.

For more celebrating, head on over to Gametap. As part of the fun, they're celebrating his birthday by debuting three unique Sonic titles featuring SEGA's "Lock-On" technology. Revisit Sonic 1, 2, and 3 playing as Knuckles the Echidna and access new areas, bonus levels, and special powers that weren't available before.

Share in Sonic's 15th birthday celebration by unleashing the awesome Super-Sonic speed of Sonic The Hedgehog onto your mobile phone!! Help Sonic stop Dr. Robotnik, the mad scientist from snatching innocent animals and turning them into evil robots!

Check out this great website, SummerofSonic.com. The Summer of Sonic is a HUGE collaboration between the Sonic the Hedgehog online community, to celebrate the blue blur's 15th Anniversary! Webmasters from Sonic fansites large and small, fan artists far and wide, comics and fiction the world over have come together this summer for this one cause.

The celebration rolls on with awesome new comics. Can you stand the pulse-pounding excitement and intrigue? Pick up these issues and find out!

“No Thanks for the Memories Part 1 of 2”: Sonic’s 15th anniversary is turning out to be a raucous one, and this issue raises the bar for sheer Sonic mayhem! That’s because the evil Eggman has trapped Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy and forced them to battle for their lives against Sonic’s most dangerous adversaries from his early video game adventures! At least the Chaotix (Vector, Charmy and Espio) finally make a “Sonic X” appearance, but if they don’t throw down soon, it could be game over for Sonic and his friends! The perfect “jump on” issue for new readers, and an exciting ride for long-time fans. SCRIPT: Joe Edkin. ART: Tracy Yardley. Rock-‘n- Reelin’ in the Years cover by Spaz!

"No Thanks for the Memories Part 2 of 2" Sonic's 15th anniversary adventure continues in Sonic X! Sonic, Amy Rose, Knuckles and Tails are trapped in a Virtual Reality universe powered by the Master Emerald. Now our Heroes must battle their way back to their friends who believe they have been left behind forever! Will Sonic be abandoned by his mistaken friends? Will Eggman win and destroy his hated nemesis? Will Bukkun's mad desire for sugary treats be the undoing of everything! SCRIPT: Joe Edkin. ART: Tracy Yardley. Virtually bombastic cover by Spaz!

Japan celebrates by getting a bunch of limited edition Sonic merchandise for sale. There are special figures, t-shirts and an awesome papercraft template of Green Hill Zone act 1 to download. Check out some of the goods...


Happy Birthday Sonic! Check out the new SEGA Sonic the hedgehog mini-site...

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